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From: The Desk of Michael Ventura
Sex Educator, Author, and Researcher
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Dear Friend,
Isn't it embarrassing?
You're having sex with your woman... Just when it's starting to get good... Just when she's starting to enjoy it... You get that feeling... You've about 1 or 2 thrusts away from ejaculating.

And then...


You ejaculate early, AGAIN.
You see that look of pleasure leave her face... She looks up at you with surprise and disappointment. 

She says it's ok, but deep down, you know it's not.

You KNOW what she wants...

She wants you to last longer... To give her the time of her life – driving her over the edge and into orgasm after orgasm... leaving her COMPLETELY satisfied.

The fact is, your woman's body NEEDS this kind of sex... 

And if she doesn't get it, well... you know what's going to happen, don't you?

I sure do...

After my girlfriend cheated on me, I felt like less of a man - completely humiliated and more embarrassed than I’d ever been in my life.

It was horrible. Maybe you’re going through something similar right now?

Look - if you’re tired of suffering through another embarrassing ‘2 pump chump’ sex session... if your frustration around sex is ROBBING you of the pleasure and joy you deserve... if none of the solutions you’ve tried have done anything except steal your money and waste your time...

...Then ‘Instant Sexual Stamina’ is exactly what you need to last longer in bed and permantently end premature ejaculation.

Imagine the Possibilities...

Lasting longer, instantly, no matter how bad your PE is right now
Having total control over your ejaculation
Ending any insecurity around your sexual performance
Knowing that you can last as long it takes to fully satisfy your woman
...If these are the results you're looking for, then 'Instant Sexual Stamina' can help.

Why Premature Ejaculation
Is NOT Your Fault

Don’t blame yourself for Premature Ejaculation.

And remember this: - MOST guys have severe PE at some point in their lives.

In fact, studies show that around 60% of men suffer from serious premature ejaculation for at least part of their lives.

That means as many as HALF of the guys you see every day are going through or have gone through EXACTLY what you’re experiencing right now.

Why so many?

You see, sexual arousal is mostly controlled by part of your body's nervous system that we'll call the "rest and digest" system.

This makes sense, doesn't it?

We have to have our basic needs met (like shelter, safety, food, etc.) before we can even think about reproducing.

If these needs aren't met (if we're not safe, for instance) then our body has more important things to do than force blood into your penis for an erection, and sex just isn't going to happen.

But the funny thing is, ejaculation is controlled by the other part of your body's nervous system, the famous 'fight or flight' system.

It's easy to see why.

In prehistoric times, having sex in a dangerous environment, where you were being stalked by saber tooth tigers and other prehistoric beasts, you HAD to come quick.

If you were taking an hour to ejaculate inside your cavewoman, chances are you would be eaten by some beast before you made it to the money shot!

As a result, only those premature ejaculators, (yes, our ancestors. Thanks guys!) were able to pass on their genes, creating us present-day humans who tend to ejaculate WAY too quickly.

Fortunately, it's actually quite simple to ‘re-wire’ this evolutionary ‘fast ejaculation’ reflex. In fact, by using a method I’ll share with you in a minute, you can permanently eliminate this reflex and allow yourself to last significantly longer - even tonight.

(More on that in a little bit...)

Whether or not Premature Ejaculation is your fault doesn’t really matter. When sex is this frustrating, you’ll do ANYTHING to make it better.

Look, I know exactly how you feel...

My Embarrassing Secret

Guys have turned to me for sex advice for the past few years - but the entire time I’ve had a dirty little secret that I hoped would NEVER be revealed...

You see, I have an interesting day job - I’m a ‘ghost-writer’ for a famous male porn star with a thriving sex coaching business, teaching men via email to be better in bed.

He hired me because he could no longer keep up with the demands of his several hundred clients.

So that he could confidentcly outsource his teaching responsibility to me, my boss taught me nearly all of the adult industry’s most closely guarded techniques to giving women amazing orgasms - finger techniques, tongue techniques, even exotic ‘mind hacks’ that allow you to give a women a powerful orgasm without even touching her.

And most importantly - he taught me the techniques that male porn stars use to last as long as they want, without pills, creams, sprays or other gimmicks.

I then taught these techniques to paying clients all over the world - and most of them were VERY happy with the results. I helped many men last 10, 20, or even 30 or 40 minutes longer by using these techniques.

BUT - there was only one problem!


You see, even though I had been teaching guys to have better sex for a while, I had a VERY embarrassing secret...

I couldn’t last longer than a minute or two in bed!

It was pretty damn ironic that I had guys sending me raving reviews claiming that my advice had completely changed their sex lives,

... when really, my OWN performance in bed was downright pathetic.

It seemed like a cruel joke. And it seemed like the harder I tried, the worse I performed.

I searched everywhere for a solution to my OWN problem, but got nothing but disappointment and an empty bank account.

But then one day I unexpectedly discovered something that DID change things... and I’ll tell you, it’s not like anything you’ve ever tried before...

It really can permanently eliminate your PE, and you’ll see real results pretty much right away.

To my knowledge I’m one of only a few people around who’s sharing this life-changing information.

I’ll get to the solution I found in a little bit. But first I want to reveal the 3 most common 'cures' for Premature Ejaculation - and why they're really only a band-aid solution to the problem...

4 Common ‘Cures’ for Premature Ejaculation
and Why They Work... Kind of...

Most common Premature Ejaculation ‘cures’ fall into 4 categories.

Here’s why they do work - a little - but why they really only solve PART of the problem - and why they are NOT the solution you’ve been looking for.

#1 De-sensitizing sprays and creams

The Good: These will numb your penis - and like you might have guessed, it is very difficult to ejaculate when you can’t even feel your erection!

The Bad: First off, with numbing creams & sprays, you don’t get to feel all the amazing pleasures of sex. Not only that, the numbing liquid can also affect your woman’s vagina, meaning SHE won’t even be able to feel you inside of her!

(Not to mention that sometimes the numbing works TOO well and will kill your erection)

It’s also a hassle, since you have to actually spray your penis with this stuff before each sex session. Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be? Kind of kills the moment, right?

#2 Mental Distraction

The Good: Your mind does in fact have a lot to do with controlling your ejaculation (more on that in a little bit...) And thinking of something boring or even disgusting can actually buy you a small amount of time during sex.

The Bad: Using this technique might help you last only few more thrusts, at best. And if you’re already close to cumming, suddenly reciting baseball statistics or imagining your grandparents having sex isn’t going to stop you from ejaculating early.

Plus, who wants to imagine such nasty things while you’re making love with your girlfriend or wife?

#3 Breathing Techniques

The Good: There are actually some exotic breathing techniques that, when performed correctly, put your body's nervous system in a good state for lasting longer. (But there’s actually a MUCH simpler way to do this, and we’l get to it in a minute...)

The Bad: Most of these breathing techniques are extremely hard to learn on your own without an experienced teacher. (You CAN NOT learn these from a book - believe me, I've tried!) Even though I did get this individual one-on-one instruction, I STILL saw only just a little improvement.

Worst of all, you have to keep doing these very involved breathing techniques the entire time you’re having sex, or else they won't help you last longer. This turns sex into a boring chore and prevents you from actually enjoying it - which is the point, right?

#4 Antidepressants

The Good: Antidepressants change the balance of certain chemicals in your brain, making you happier but ALSO making it much harder to reach an orgasm. Some doctors prescribe antidepressants for guys with severe premature ejaculation, and there’s been mixed results with some guys lasting longer and others not.

The Bad: But there’s a SERIOUS downside to this approach. Antidepressants tend to KILL your sex drive, as well making your erections weaker. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These drugs are have a bunch of other nasty side effects - things like weight gain, nausea, anxiety, lack of energy, and even an increased risk of suicide!

I’d rather not mess with that stuff. Especially since there’s a much safer, easier, AND more effective approach for ending premature ejaculation, permanently.

How I Went From Twenty Seconds...
to Twenty Minutes

After struggling with my Premature Ejaculation for years, I met a girl that I really liked.

I liked her so much that I didn’t want to ‘blow it’ with her - so I didn’t make a move on her for 5 dates!

(I knew that she would dump me once she found out how bad I was in bed - just like all those other girls did before.)

But finally, the truth came out. I told her about my problem, and she told me she could help.

She happened to be studying hypnotherapy and healing at the time, and explained how by tapping into my 'subconscious' mind in a VERY specific way, she could help me instantly adjust and change body functions that we usually have ZERO control over.

Things like:

...heart rate




She claimed that using a very specific hypnosis sequence, I could 're-wire' my ancient quick ejaculation reflex...

Allowing me to last as long as I wanted, whenever I wanted...

So I let her try out her little hypnosis sequence on me, even though I was skeptical of this sort of thing.

And guess what?

It worked!

When we had sex for the first time a day later, I lasted TWICE as long as I ever had before!

She made me a recording of the hypnosis sequence, and I spent a few minutes every day listening to it... As a result, each time I had sex, I lasted longer and longer,

... until I felt like I had developed complete control over my ejaculation.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Unfortunately, she ended up moving away for grad school, so we split up. But I still had that recording.

It had completely changed my sex life, and I was sure it could help other guys last longer, conquer Premature Ejaculation and finally enjoy the sexual performance they’d been dreaming of.

With the help of a few hypnosis consultants, I've 'dialed in' the original sequence, making it guaranteed to work for nearly all men.

And after months of testing, I've decided to release this program to the public...

Introducing my new program...

'Instant Sexual Stamina'

End Premature Ejaculation
and Last Longer, Tonight

After just ONE session listening this program, you'll be lasting significantly longer - in most cases AT LEAST 10 minutes or more than you're used to...

And after that, your stamina will improve, every time you listen... You, like many men, will likely find that after using this program for just a week, your stamina increases past 30, 40, or even 50 minutes...

...Until you are lasting as long as you want, each and every time you have sex.

I've been sharing this program with a small group of men, and the response has been phenomenal...

Here are just a few of the comments I have received:

I used to have a hard time lasting even ONE minute. After Just one session, I lasted over 10 minutes!

-Adam, London, UK

"I lasted over 10 minutes longer the very first time I had sex!"

“I listened to the recordings just once, and I lasted over 10 minutes longer the very first time I had sex! And it's gotten better and better each time I've listened to it.

I thought I was doomed to a life of premature ejaculation and avoiding sex. But now I'm excited to have sex and actually look forward to it, cause I know I've got what it takes to give it to her good! ”

-Rob L., Los Angeles, CA

"I've never lasted longer than I did last night"

“Michael, I was really skeptical of this whole subconscious mind thing. But it's actually working. I've never lasted longer than I did last night and I can't wait to try again!”

-Ramit V., San Jose, CA

And here's the best part about this program:

Getting results like these guys did doesn't take any kind of special effort...

You'll just sit down, put your headphones on and press 'play' on your ipod, mp3 or other audio player...

You will listen to these very pleasant recordings, for around 20 minutes...

And your new sexual abilities naturally become part of WHO YOU ARE...

There's no pretending, no 'faking it.'

Without even trying, your sex life will be COMPLETELY transformed...

And you will soon be experiencing results like this:

Your Results, Guaranteed:

Last at least 10 minutes longer, the FIRST time you use the program, guaranteed...
Wear HER out in bed -and end ANY chance that she'll ever cheat or leave you.
Eliminate ALL worry, shame, or embarrassment around your sexual ability
Naturally 'supercharge' your erections - stay rock-hard for as long as you want - WITHOUT pills
Last long enough to give your woman the multiple penetration orgasms her body NEEDS
Power through any 'urge' to ejaculate - and last as long as you want, whenever you want
Permanently end embarrassing '2 pump chump' sex sessions – give her the most long-lasting & satisfying sex of her life
Gain confidence that makes you more powerful and popular with your friends, co-workers, and others
Get the animalistic sexual 'vibe' that ALL women pick up on and are magnetically attracted to
...And much more

So, with all these benefits, who is this program NOT for?

Well, if you're the kind of guy who consistently lasts longer than you need to, and are consistently giving women the best sex of their lives, then I can tell you that this program is NOT designed for you.

But if you...

  • Have problems lasting long enough to give her at least one orgasm
  • Consistently ejaculate quicker than you'd like
  • Feel like you lack sexual confidence
  • Have been embarrassed or ashamed of your sexual abilities
  • Have ever been worried that your woman is not satisfied and might cheat on you to get her needs met

Then it's time to step up and PERMANENTLY improve this area of your life.

...And the 'Instant Sexual Stamina' program is EXACTLY what's going to help you do it.

Imagine yourself in a week, having gone through this program, looking back and realizing that this moment was EXACTLY when you decided to take action, take control and completely transform your life...


...how good it's going to feel to have TOTAL control of your erection and ejaculation...
...how amazing it's going to feel to finally know without any doubt, that YOU are her best lover, ever...
...how you'll be lasting longer THE VERY SAME DAY you try my program...
...how within a week or so, you'll be lasting AS LONG AS YOU WANT...

Because it works that fast.

And here is exactly how you're going to do it:

'Instant Sexual Stamina'

The Audio Program

In this 30 minute mp3 mental training session you will ‘re-wire’ your ejaculation reflex, eliminate premature ejaculation and instantly add at least 10 minutes to your stamina.

With the help of this module, you will discover your own power to CHOOSE when or if you want to ejaculate - meaning you'll be lasting as long as you want, whenever you want.

How it Works:

This audio session gives you a direct link to your subconscious mind’s ‘erection control center.’ You’ll be able to consciously force maximum amounts of blood into your penis at will, giving you rock-hard ‘erections on command’ - and STAYING HARD for as long as you want.

In just a few minutes, you'll get instant access to this powerful audio program. You'll listen to this session once per day, for at least 7 days. Each day's session will build upon the previous day's 'programming', but you'll start to notice results immediately...

You'll be lasting longer after the very first session.

Within a week you'll notice that you will be lasting MUCH longer... In many cases 30, 40, 50 minutes or more than you are right now...

So that you can completely transform your sex life - TODAY - I wanted to include two extremely valuable bonuses that will round out your sexual skillset and make you better in bed than 99.8% of men.

Free Bonus #1

Learn The Secrets Most Men Will NEVER Know About How to Sexually Satisfy Women

Original Price: $29.95
FREE with 'Instant Sexual Stamina'

This 49 page pdf ebook is packed with the tips, tricks, and strategies that are going to take you from average in bed - to being the best she's ever had.

You'll learn how to give your woman the most satisfying sex of her life - each time you make love.

Here's just some of what you'll learn...

You'll learn...

How to ignite her 'inner nympho' and make her addicted to sex with YOU
How to TALK DIRTY to her - accessing a woman's mind in THIS way is the key to giving her amazing sex
How to 'Stack' her orgasms and give her a powerful series of COMBINATION ORGASMS that will leave her completely satisfied
The 4 part Foreplay sequence that guarantees she will have at least TWO powerful orgasms during sex
Secrets to getting the hardest, longest-lasting erections of your life
The positions that make you feel significantly BIGGER & THICKER inside of her
Positions for intense, passionate sex AND for dominant, aggressive sex. Follow these simple steps & give her the best sex she's ever had!

Armed with these tactics and the all-night stamina that 'Instant Sexual Stamina' is going to give you, your sex life is going to reach a whole new level of pleasure and satisfaction.

But just to make SURE that you get the sex life of your dreams, as soon as humanly possible, I'm going to make a very special limited time offer for the first 100 guys who take action and invest in 'Instant Sexual Stamina'....

Free Bonus #2

How to Give ANY Woman The Most Powerful, Addicting Orgasms of Her Life - In 3 Easy Steps

Original Price: $19.95
FREE with 'Instant Sexual Stamina'

Want to give your woman powerful multiple orgasms, each and every time you have sex?

With the help of 'Instant Sexual Stamina', you'll now have the raw ability to last as long as you want, whenever you want. But you HAVE to know how to please your woman and do it right ..or else lasting 'all night' will just be a painful bore for her.

In this 25 minute mp3 audio seminar and pdf ebook, I reveal the easy to use, 3 step method that gives ANY woman a powerful series of INTENSE full-body orgasms...

Once you learn the method, you'll have a powerful weapon to making ANY woman sexually addicted to you.

You'll learn...

The 'pre-foreplay' tactic you can do in the morning that will have her BEGGING for sex by the end of the day
The specific text message that makes her horny for you, every time you use it
A fool-proof guide to world-class foreplay (this sequence GUARANTEES she'll cum at least once before you even take your pants off...)
What to do AFTER sex to make her crave sex with you more and more, each time you do it
Secrets of 'Orgasm Timing' - the surefire way to give her ultimate satisfaction with simultaneous orgasms, on command
and much more...

Imagine this...

Imagine - downloading and listening to the Instant Sexual Stamina program right now...

  • ... and this very night - or even this afternoon - you're lasting longer, and satisfying your partner more than ever before.

  • This time tomorrow, you're lasting twice as long.

  • This time next week, you're literally wearing HER out in bed...

With these skills, your life is going to be pretty amazing. Whether you're in a relationship or you're 'playing the field' and having one-night-stands, having TOTAL control over your erection and ejaculation is going to give you a MASSIVE advantage when it comes to attracting and keeping your dream girl...

To put it simply, your days of struggling to satisfy a woman are over.

This program leaves NOTHING to chance - and your internal ejaculation reflex will be 're-wired', allowing you to last as long as you want, whenever you want.

20 Minutes and Still Getting Better!

"I downloaded your program two days ago.

I noticed a big difference that very same night with my wife. I lasted quite a bit longer than usual, probaly around 8 or 10 minutes or so.

But the next day I listened again and I was lasted over 15 minutes. The next time, I was over 20 minutes!

My wife's never been more happy in bed, and I've never felt this kind of amazing confidence. I know that I can fully satisfy her in bed!

Thanks for your help"

-Tracy L., Reno NV

What Can You Expect From
'Instant Sexual Stamina'?

You'll be lasting longer, INSTANTLY…

Most of my clients see immediate gains to the tune of 10 minutes or more after just the first session with 'Instant Sexual Stamina'. But after a few days of going through this training program, you'll easily be able to last 20 minutes or more of hard thrusting, with ZERO issues.

And from there, the sky's the limit - 1 hour, 2 hours, or more - it's up to you and how long YOU want to last.

You'll have harder erections…

Wouldn't you like to satisfy your woman with the hardest, strongest erections you've ever had?

With the subconscious 're-wiring' that takes place in 'Instant Sexual Stamina', you get MAXIMUM blood flow that will super-charge your erections - allowing you to 'fill her up' and satisfy her like never before.

You'll get PERMANENT results…

The 'Instant Sexual Stamina' training program eliminates the faulty subconscious 'wiring' responsible for early ejaculation.

And after you transform this 'problem' into a strength, your new abilities are simply part of who you are. You don't have to worry about taking a pill or remembering to do some special technique - you just relax and enjoy sex - and you perform like a champion.

You'll have an UNFAIR advantage over other guys…

With 'Instant Sexual Stamina', you'll have a 'Secret Weapon' that will put you LIGHT YEARS ahead of other guys when it comes to sexually satisfying women.

...And you'll never again worry that her ex-boyfriend was better than you in bed.

Why 'Instant Sexual Stamina' is the #1 Premature Ejaculation Solution

The Instant Sexual Stamina Program is so effective because it actually corrects the cause of Premature Ejaculation at its ROOT.

This is why it's the best solution for premature ejaculation - and why ANY guy can get the sexual performance he's beed dreaming of with just a small investment of time.

But Michael... How Much Is It Going to Cost Me?

So right now, you might be thinking, “How much is all this going to cost?”

And I thought long and hard about how to approach this issue.

You see, a good hypnotherapist will run you anywhere from $100 to $200 per session...

Sounds like a lot of money, but really, how much would it be worth to you to PERMANENTLY master your stamina?

    How much would it be worth to completely satisfy EVERY woman you have sex with, for the rest of your life?

When you start to think about your situation like this, a couple hundred bucks doesn't really sound like that much money.

And really, when you think about it, it's not.

But since I'm making this offer to you as one of only a few select guys who will be part of this semi-public release...

...you're not going to pay NEARLY that much.

Right now, you can instantly download this program for just...




Over the course of the next month, that's going to break down to less than 66 cents per day...

Why so low?

For a simple reason.

    I want to get this life-changing program into the hands of as many guys as possible...

I know first hand how PAINFUL it is to suffer from premature ejaculation - and I know how amazing your life will be when you finally conquer this issue once and for all.

If you're reading this letter, the price still stands.

But at a price this low, I'm basically losing money once I factor in the cost of advertising... So I'm counting guys like YOU make this program go 'viral' once you see how good it is...

    BUT - the fact is, I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep the price this low.

Here's what you'll get...

"Instant Sexual Stamina" Audio Program

This is the 30 minute mp3 audio program that's going to COMPLETELY change the way you perform in bed.

The proven hypnotic script 're-wires' your body's ejaculation reflex, so you can thrust as hard and fast as you want, for as long as you want.

FREE Bonus
"The Orgasm Cheat Sheet"

In this mp3 audio seminar and pdf, you'll learn the easy 3 step method to giving ANY woman the most intense, satisfying orgasms of her life.

This sequence has been proven to work on nearly ALL women - even those who NEVER usually cum during sex.

FREE Bonus
"Rock Her World Tonight"

This 49 page pdf ebook holds the secrets to attracting, seducing, and SEXUALLY SATISFYING any woman you meet.

These strategies work on your wife OR on a girl you just met - either way they'll be screaming in ecstasy once you apply the techniques you learn in this book.

Total: $116.90 $19.95

These three programs are going to TURBOCHARGE your performance in the bedroom. And once you order, you'll be downloading all of these programs within minutes... So click the 'add to order' button below to claim your copy, while it's still such an amazing deal.

And when you do, you can rest assured that your decision to invest in 'Instant Sexual Stamina' is 100% guaranteed for a full 60 days after your purchase...

What does that mean?

It means that if after using this program, if you're not completely satisfied, you just send me an email within 60 days of purchase, and I'll instantly refund you every last cent of your money, with no questions asked...

It's as simple as that.

I could only make this kind of guarantee if I was 100% sure that this program is going to go above and beyond your wildest expectations.

Depending on how fast you fill out the form on the next page, you could be FINALLY getting your stamina handled, once and for all, within the next two to three minutes...

There are no DVDs to deliver, no embarrassing boxes from the post office, just pure, instantly downloadable, life-changing content.

    Right now, at this moment, you have a decision to make.

Either you can carry on with how your life had been going before you found this webpage – never fully experiencing your own true sexual power – never truly satisfying your woman sexually...

Or you can try a new path.

You can click on the button below and get started RIGHT NOW towards the sex life of your dreams, using the most advanced stamina training technology EVER devised...

It's your choice. I can't make it for you.

But we both know that things happen for a reason, and that there is a VERY good reason you're reading this right now...

So go ahead and give “Instant Sexual Stamina” a try... You're not risking anything, because you either get the sexual stamina you've always dreamed of, or your money back.

It's that simple.

Here's to Your success!

- Michael Ventura

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